There's nothing fictional about CRM & Marketing Automation. Consider us to be your Digital Marketing Doctor who will help to improve your business health by attracting, engaging and retaining more customers.


autus consulting is a Digital Marketing Agency based in Glasgow, UK. We provide CRM, Sales & Marketing Automation solutions & Digital Marketing services to help our clients attract, engage and retain more customers. 

Many businesses embarking upon or having failed on their CRM and Digital Marketing journey compare working it like stepping into Doctor Who's Tardis. Both are likely to take you to some exciting places but are fraught with many dangers. Consider autus consulting to be your "CRM, Sales/Marketing Automation & Digital Marketing Doctor" - we guarantee to help you navigate the challenges and ensure a healthy successful outcome.

We work in collaboration with our Clients and Business Partners as trusted advisors in our mission to support Business, Sales and Marketing Management discover and implement growth revenue platforms and provide a range of digital marketing solutions and services to realise this.


At the core of our vision is profitable growth for our clients and in that sense our name 'autus'  is latin for growth; this has provided a strong purpose to autus consulting and it continues to guide us in the value that we create for all stakeholders we work with.



To enable our clients' profitable business growth through winning digital marketing strategies, solutions and services.


Build a profitable and employee-customer-centric UK and USA business that provides opportunity for our employees, customers and stakeholders.


Our values and principles are based on our foundation of 3 Ts - Trust, Transparency and Team!


"At the core of our modus operandi, is focusing on adding value to our employees, collaborative partners and clients. It is our belief that this can only be done through creating deep trusting collaborative relations, working with transparency and building competent teams, that are highly motivated, engaged and ultimately provided a platform to deliver". 


Tom Berry, founder of autus consulting


Meet Team Autus


Tom Berry 
Director, CRM & Digital Marketing 

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A highly experienced business and IT executive with over 25 years of business transformation and technology leadership


I hold a MBA with Distinction from Edinburgh Business School and have

worked with and managed teams / business challenges across APAC, Europe and Americas.

Having developed my international leadership and experience at a large global blue chip company, this has helped position autus consulting to be strategic, value-centric and take a pragmatic approach with our services.


Having spent 7.5 years in the USA working on best practices around Customer Experience, CRM and Sales & Marketing, autus consulting and their associates are now leveraging this learning to help businesses, looking to grow Regionally, Nationally and Internationally.

A little known fact: I'm also a Non-Executive Director with a Charity and a fast scale and growth home improvements business.


Jack Geddes
Digital Marketer & Photography

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My focus is in the social media management and email marketing areas and I continue to master my skills and capability to ensure optimal results for our customers.

As a creative Digital Marketer and semi-professional photographer, I tend to bring a blend to content creation and I'm looking to expand this capability further within Autus Consulting and support our customers with photograpy, videography and general content creation to support their overall marketing efforts and results.


As we specialise in Digital Marketing, CRM & Sales/Marketing Automation, I'm learning fast the power of what the right revenue growth platforms can do for businesses and using these tools in my day to day job and also supporting how we implement these for our customers.

A little known fact: I'm an avid musician and studied at the Academy of Music and Sound for 2 years and have a HND Music. I play guitar, bass, a bit of piano and sing.


Lesley Berry


Administration & Service Delivery

Nathan Thomson

Digital Marketer

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I have 12 years experience in a variety of retail and customer facing roles. I have also for many years managed the Berry household (Homemaker), supporting two family immigrations to the USA and return to UK each time, and the career of an ambitious husband.   

Using my knowledge and experience gained over the years in ‘customer-centric' roles and strong coordination skills acquired, I'm now in a position to help Autus Consulting evolve and grow further.


Being part of the Autus team I help to manage various administration aspects of the business and coordinate activities to support the goals of our customers.

A little known fact: I used to manage a chain of video shops (think blockbuster - yes I'm that old!).

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After experience in a range of customer facing and management roles I am now looking to widen my knowledge by being a digital marketing and social media apprentice with Autus consulting


As an apprentice I can bring fresh ideas into the company and use skills gained in different work environments to provide another level of knowledge to contribute to the team and work towards our customers goals.


A little known fact: I’m an experienced filmmaker and board member for a non-profit theatre company

Our Team Associates

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We also have a flexible resource model with  freelancers we use for ad-hoc projects

Alastair Hughes


Telemarketing Associate

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I have over 13 years of sales experience, mainly in the telesales industry where I have worked with a huge range of businesses including N Power Business, Waste Management, MBNA Bank of America and Fuelmate Fuelcards.


In April 2016, I decided to go independent and launched my own successful telemarketing company called New Opportunities Development (NEWOD) where I have utilised my skill set on the phone to help a huge range of B2B sector businesses with their lead generation.


Now working alongside Autus Consulting, I can help any business that is struggling with the calling side of their marketing strategy. I help to build sales pipelines and nurture prospects on the phone so it enables you to concentrate on other elements of your business. 

A little known fact: At my first sales job at MBNA Bank of America in Chester, I was awarded “Best Newcomer” to the business out of a selection of 650 candidates.

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