Business Card Reader. 
The quality you can see.

Scan your business cards and store info accurately to your CRM directly. 

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Capture a Photo of a Business Card...

...or choose one from the Gallery. You can recognise cards in 25 languages! Furthermore, our card reader accurately captures info multilingual cards!!!


Enrich Your Data

Not enough info? Simply enrich it. You can:

  • Automatically add country phone code when it is missing;

  • Add Text and Voice notes for each business card;

  • Navigate to contact address on map;

  • Save the location of a business card recognition process;

  • Get more extended person’s information from database of Company name, Position, Job title, Address, Social network profiles (Facebook, Linkedln and Twitter), messengers etc.


Review and Send

You can make all necessary corrections before adding a new client or business partner to your CRM Account.


Save new Leads and Contacts directly to your CRM

In addition you can save results into your phone contact or Gmail contacts.

One Page
We are the Primary UK reseller for MagneticOne Mobile
Thanks to our partnership and primary UK reseller relationship with MagneticOne Mobile we are able to offer you 5% more business card scans above any normal or promotional plan available to you directly from MagneticOne Mobile.
Our Business Card Corporate Plans are designed for any commercial entity and provide sufficient quantity of business card recognitions at an affordable price.
Corporate access keys enable you to give business card scan capability to all of your team members for one single price!
Many business and sales people frequent networking events every week, collecting on average 20+ new business cards, yes approximately 1000 cards per year. Now if you are entering these manually into your CRM system, that works out at approximately one week's effort per year lost to your business and customers! In fact if you are doing nothing with these business cards, you are leaving money on the table.
Let's help you monetise your contacts.
This special 'buy now' button offer below includes the entry level corporate plan for 1000 Business Card Recognitions, plus 5% over and above MagneticOne Mobile current promotional offers, a corporate access key that can be issued to unlimited users in your business, and an App that runs on multiple android or iOS devices, all for £75 ex vat for 1 year. 
Other Corporate plans exist and can be purchased on an annual basis as your requirements change.

Choose A Corporate Plan 

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Scan your Business Cards

Monetise your contacts

* Link to Hubspot CRM App below. For all other CRM Business Card Reader Apps, select your CRM Platform logo above.

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