Many businesses fail in their approach to CRM and subsequently this results in no or very little value to an Organisation and its Customers.

We believe nothing is ever for free, a bit contradictory to our offer of a “Free CRM Consultation". In that

sense we ask you to complete in advance a questionnaire so that Autus Consulting can

understand your current business CRM Maturity and Readiness and provide optimum value for the limited

“Free” Consultations we are able to offer each month.

CRM Assessment

Once you have completed our CRM

questionnaire, selected a suitable time

and date for our discussion, we will

start our preparations so as to ensure

we obtain as much information about

your CRM challenge and requirements

during our 30 minutes free consultation



We will provide a report and discuss our recommendations for moving forward with your CRM challenge and an indication of fit for purpose solutions or / and how to address the various issues associated with your 

existing/future CRM implementations.

We offer a true independent perspective to help you take a qualified decision on your CRM journey ahead.

Ready for CRM

If you are happy with our advice, we

would like to agree how we can help

support you in moving forward with the

best solution. We will help with your

CRM transformation and ensure value

realisation from your CRM technology,

processes and best practices and

ultimately help grow your business


Good CRM strategy, software, business processes & best practices can influence how much customers spend and how loyal they remain