MailChimp GDPR Compliance Offer

Feeling stuck with MailChimp and making the necessary changes to ensure your business is GDPR ready for the big day on 25th May 2018

We will help you to capture your new prospect / customer contact information into MailChimp with supporting and auditable GDPR opt in information. 


We will also help implement a solution to ensure that you reach GDPR compliance

with your existing subscribers/contacts on your primary MailChimp list *.

MailChimp GDPR Package Total Price £498* ex vat



 1. Branded Request/Signup form and necessary validations

 2. Branded Confirmation thank you page 


 3, Branded final email - this will be sent automatically to new contacts requesting  

     something / subscribing via the form in 1 above.


 4, Creation of new segments within mailchimp for GDPR Opt in Marketing

     Permissions (email, direct mail, customised online advertising and telephone). This

     will group new subscribers by marketing permission category. 


 5. Your primary MailChimp list will be GDPR enabled and new subscriber

     contacts will be stamped with date/time GDPR opt in and marketing permissions



 6. Provide you with a URL of new request/subscriber form that can be added to your

     website pages, social media pages and included within your marketing campaigns.


 7.  GDPR email Campaign created with automated repeating email series that will be

      sent to your existing subscribers repeatedly over a period of time to encourage

      them to update their GDPR profile settings and ensure your compliance.

 8.  The form created in 1 above and the compliance activities will be      

      integrated in above email campaign so that existing subscribers can update their

      profile settings and in turn GDPR opt in and marketing permission groups will be

      updated accordingly.

MailChimp GDPR Compliance

You can review our MailChimp GDPR Compliant form for requests/new subscribers by clicking and completing a request to submit your interest in our MailChimp GDPR compliance offer. We will not ask you to commit to taking this offer, worst case you experience a MailChimp GDPR compliant sign up form and process.

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"Tom at Autus Consulting has helped us with a very pragmatic solution around our marketing efforts and aligning with GDPR when it comes to capturing new prospects/customers into our MailChimp email and marketing automation system. Also we are now able to have our existing subscribers/contacts provide their marketing permissions and capture the necessary GDPR consent inside Mailchimp and update their profiles accordingly. We can now use the new request/subscriber form on our website and social media channels and it all integrates with Mailchimp…what a fabulous and cost effective solution and headache removed" 

- Stephen McKillop, Director, Gillies Technical Services Ltd. 

Check out Gillies Technical Services various integrated mailchimp subscriber/request/quote forms on their website here

What happens next?


If you're interested in this offer then quite simply just call our expert Tom Berry on +44 7490 769014 or book a call directly in his diary and he'll take care of the next steps.

Special Buy Now Promotion £399* ex vat

For customers purchasing and paying for the full package at £498 ex vat prior to 18th May 2018, we are offering a further £99 discount by clicking the Buy Now button below. On receipt of your payment we will prioritise and schedule activities to make your MailChimp primary list GDPR compliant by 25th May 2018. Pricing will be increased after 18th May 2018. 

* This solution addresses your primary/one mailchimp list and not multiple lists within mailchimp. We are happy to discuss your specific circumstances, as most Mailchimp users don't necessarily require multiple lists and can leverage Groups and Segmentation within Mailchimp to achieve the same and possibly better results.

Please note that we are not legal advisors in the broader sense of GDPR but are confident with our compliance solution for Mailchimp. For compliance issues across your entire business landscape you should consult legal and other advisory service providers. We have partners that we work with that can support your broader GDPR challenge and happy to make introductions if you need further assistance.

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