• Tom Berry

Is your business struggling to get started with or realise value from CRM?

Many businesses fail in their approach to CRM and subsequently this results in no or very little value to an Organisation and its Customers.

We are independent CRM consultants with over 25 years experience and industry learning. We offer impartial advice on CRM / Customer Experience (CX) strategy, software selection, failed CRM investments, implementation and benefit realisation.

We are offering a limited number of FREE CRM Consultations, which includes free access to our on-line "CRM Readiness and Maturity" assessment tool and a free telephone consultation.

Get your free CRM assessment here

The outcome from this will result in the following FOC benefits for your business:

1. Free CRM Readiness & Maturity Report on your specific situation

2. Follow-up discussion providing further feedback and our recommendations

3. An independent perspective to help you decide how to proceed

With our offer above we would hope to prove our value and then further partner with you to get the best from your existing or/and future investments in CRM technology, processes and best practices.

We are passionate about helping businesses succeed with CRM, put us to the test here