• Tom Berry

7 habits of successful salespeople that are being ignored by the average sales rep

Savvy sales leaders know that real sales success is achieved only when the classic pillars – people, processes and technology – are in sync and aligned to reach the common goals.

80% of reps think they are good at qualifying opportunities, but 51% of forecasted deals do not close.

The most pressing challenges amongst leaders were lead quality & quantity (46%), rules and procedures (11.5%), and training and development (8%).

53% of top-performing companies are investing in CRM to drive sales productivity.

Key Findings:

How well-aligned marketing and sales can dramatically improve marketing ROI, sales productivity, and business's top-line growth.

What are the fundamentals of maintaining healthy sales pipeline that generates high conversion rates.

How the right technology can empower the sales professionals to become a well-oiled revenue engine of an entire organisation.

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