As a business we are always researching how to improve sales & marketing efficiency and effectiveness. With this in mind we are excited to formally introduce the best Business Card Reader for CRM to the UK market place. It scans and saves data accurately from business cards in just a few seconds and sends it directly into your CRM system. In fact it works with over 30+ different CRM platforms. Many business managers / owners and sales people meet prospects and attend events on a weekly basis, collecting on average 20+ new business cards, yes approximately 1000 cards per year. Now if you are entering these manually into your CRM system, that works out at approximately one week's effort per person per year lost to your business and customers! Worse still, if you are doing nothing with these business cards, you are potentially losing out on future opportunities. Our multi user, multi device business card reader starts at £75 ex vat per annum for 1000+ scans. Start scanning, saving to CRM and monetising those new contacts. If you don't have a CRM, then book a call and we will help advise you on how to proceed.