• Tom Berry

How to go from simple ineffective newsletters to targeting your audience by personalisation and valu

Far too many businesses are using tools such as email marketing and automation and don't start with the who, what, why, where, how and when. They tend to blast email campaigns in a "one size fits all" basis, without actually considering their audience, building trust and illustrating value but hoping they will eventually make a sale! Some use email marketing to send out newsletters and don't even have a Call To Action (CTA) and are potentially wasting their efforts with unclear marketing goals by not defining what success looks like in the first place and aligning their marketing efforts accordingly. You have to start with the "Who, What, Why, Where, How and When", when you create your Marketing Activity Plan and then build your email and other social media campaigns on the back of this.
Who is the business or person you are targeting? What problems will you solve for this buyer and what action do you want them to take as a result of your marketing activity? Why would they buy from you? Be clear on what makes you remarkable and back it up with testimonials, guarantees, social proof etc Where do your customers and prospects frequent and what stage are they at in their buying process? How will you connect with them, what content will you use and where will you publish it? If Marketing is Queen, then Content is King!