• Tom Berry

Autus Digital Launches Monthly Digital Marketing Service Packages

Your Marketing Dept.Online Digital Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses

Autus Digital are delighted to announce the launch of our monthly digital marketing service packages.

Through talking to various local businesses and our existing CRM customers it became clear that all businesses are experiencing the same problems:

  • Struggling to generate qualified leads and acquire new customers

  • Finding it difficult to follow up and keep engaged with existing customers

  • Lacking the time or know-how to carry out effective digital marketing activities

It was also apparent that there was a gap in the market for the provision of a comprehensive digital marketing service aimed at small businesses. The team at Autus Digital want these businesses to experience the offerings of large digital marketing agencies but on a scaled down version which was the right fit for the business and at the right price point. The concept of having 3 monthly digital marketing service package offerings was born.

Our packages have been tailored specifically for small, start up or scale up businesses to improve the efficiency of sales and marketing activities resulting in increased quality marketing leads, improved sales conversion, increased customer retention but ultimately to increase profitability.

Using the latest professional marketing automation platform Autus Digital can create, schedule and distribute highly personalised emails, landing pages, social media posts and blogs helping you to attract, engage and retain more customers. With all these activities being managed from one platform, the data and insight gathered from each marketing campaign is invaluable and results in maximum return on investment.

If you would like to find out more information about our packages then go to https://info.yourmarketingdept.online/

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