• Tom Berry

Let's Survive then Thrive Together in 2020

The great human race always has a way of fighting through the most difficult challenges - COVID-19 will be no different. It's vital that we take care of ourselves, employees, friends and family and also do everything for our businesses to survive this global economic shock.

We will have to reset some goals and go again...but firstly focus on survival (human and business), be supportive of fellow-man and help each other and our business community to not only survive, but build in the interim to thrive when we come out of this crisis.

Our 2020 goals wil need to be reset and we will have to build to go again

Don’t be fearful when others are also afraid. Do what Warren Buffett does…be greedy when other people are fearful.This may sound a bit inconsiderate during the current crisis, as everyone's health is number one priority, but it's time to lead our businesses through this crisis and not let fear make your decision for you, think things through, plan and re-plan and keep moving.

It's only really a few months ago when most businesses were completely on a high about entering 2020 and driving towards the goals that had been set. In the last weeks and days it has become quite clear not only is personal survival the most important thing with Coronavirus heading fast towards its peak, but business survival is a challenge that many businesses are not prepared for. Already we can see businesses starting to panic