• Jack Geddes

3 Easy Christmas Social media Marketing ideas for the busy Business owner!

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Christmas can be a very stressful and busy time for business owners, especially small, local, potentially family run businesses! Marketing at this time of year is usually at the back of everyone's mind and at the front of it is finishing up for the year and relaxing with their families. Quite right! But what if you want to make the most of the holiday season despite the chaotic nature of it? Well, here's 3 easy ideas you can use this year, to market your business during Christmas time!

1. The Human Element

Now what do we mean by this? The human element in your business, the people working for you, the people you work for and even yourself, are all what people relate to most. This is what we at Autus call a "Non-negotiable marketing strategy" for your business. Despite the fact that you should be putting out very human and relatable content all year round, Christmas time allows for you to really milk that content for it's worth!

Maybe you're having a work night out or a Christmas lunch with your staff, or you're going above and beyond for a customer. Maybe you just want to say thank you to everyone who's involved themselves with your business over the past year and helped you grow it to where it is now, it's all relatable and it's all great to post this Holiday season!

2. Use "Christmassy" imagery

Yes, that's not a word and no, we're not changing it! But on the more important side of that, images that fit in with the time of year just get a better reception. You might even have come to this Blog post via Social Media where we no doubt used a very "Christmassy" image to entice you in 👀.

Making this little extra effort usually doesn't take you any longer to do than normal and will pay off in the short term. This is especially useful for any posts where you specifically mention Christmas and will catch the eye of anyone scrolling past on their phone! A lot of people forget to align their posts with their images and it really does make a difference in the perception of your business. Making this small step can at worst make your business appear to have its staff aligned. Not doing this can make your posts appear a bit unorganized and not thought through, not something any business wants regardless of the time of year.

3. Run a Special Offer or Competition

While we appreciate that not all businesses can afford to be running a giveaway or bringing down their prices, running something like this, if done right, can actually result in a boost in sales. At the very worst, you can get more eyes on your business in the form of better reach or more followers. We actually helped a customer of ours boost their Instagram followers massively earlier in the year by doing a giveaway. At the end of it all, our customer had more than doubled their following on Instagram from a simple giveaway!

You don't need to do fancy giveaways or make ridiculous offers on your products and services to take advantage of this either, you can get really creative with it and spend next to nothing for great returns. The sky is the limit with these types of things so get as creative as you can and really go for it!

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