• Jack Geddes

4 Top Marketing Trends to be aware of for 2022

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

At the time of writing this, 2021 is quickly coming to an end. While many businesses are focusing on their end of year strategies, us marketers are looking into 2022 to see what marketing trends are likely to stick around from the previous year and what new trends might pop up! So what trends can you expect to see next year?

1. Short form video will continue to dominate content marketing

With the success of Tik Tok over the past few years and the ever growing competition from Instagram and YouTube for short form video content, it's no surprise that marketers can be expected to spend even more time and money on creating this type of content. Shorter form video content has seen massive success, originally from Tik Tok, but has seen even more success as Instagram has introduced Reels and YouTube has introduced shorts.

Because of the competition between Instagram and Tik Tok especially, Instagram has been pushing its Reels and giving them better reach compared to other types of posts on the platform. This means that, along with being more engaging for your audience, short form video content will perform well on Instagram as well.

Even Disney+, while not a Social Media platform, has created and released shorts of their most successful franchises to great success on their platform. Short form video is sure to remain the dominant type of content for content marketing coming into 2022.

2. Audio content will start to move up the content marketing ladder

While video is clearly the dominant type of content for social media and content marketing, audio content such as podcasts have been steadily increasing in their usage and views over the last year. In a survey conducted by Hubspot, they found that only around 20% of marketers are using audio content in their marketing strategy but almost 40% of those marketers found it to be one of their most effective trends to date.

The advantage to audio content as opposed to video for the consumer is that they can work or carry out other tasks while listening to them without missing out on anything visual. For the creator they carry even more benefits. You don't need to be on camera, you don't need as much equipment as you might otherwise need for video and you can record and edit the entire thing on your phone. You could even disregard this altogether and still create a video to go alongside the podcast to maximise your reach on other platforms which don't allow for audio posting just yet.

Podcasts have been gaining popularity over the past few years as the difficulty of creating and publishing them has become much easier. This is only expected to grow in 2022 along with other types of audio content, especially as Twitter continues to support audio recordings being posted to its platform.

3. Social Responsibility will become more important to your customers

The concept of Social Responsibility is nothing new and has been important in marketing for years. It is expected to become even more important in the next year, however, as customers look for more transparency from businesses and for them to have the same morals as them.

This has been a continuing trend since the chaos of a year that was 2020. Ever since then, businesses can expect more customers to hold them accountable under the ever mounting calls for social justice. This trend will be an important one to address going into the new year as more and more customers put trust as one of the major factors that influence their decision to purchase from a company.

4. Inbound marketing will remain a popular marketing strategy

First of all, what is inbound marketing? Well inbound marketing is all about meeting consumers where they are in the marketing and sales funnel. Instead of pushing out messages to consumers, this type of model helps bring consumers to you. This model relies heavily on SEO, content marketing, marketing automation, social media and more to nurture potential customers and consumers at every stage of the sales journey.

According to Hubspot's survey, Inbound marketing is second behind short form video content for what marketers will be investing in next year. According to the same survey, 80% of marketers plan to spend the same amount of budget or more on their inbound marketing strategy next year.

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