• Jack Geddes

How often should you send marketing emails?

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

There are a few distinct aspects of email marketing that are important to know and remember. One of these is the frequency in which you send out email campaigns. This can be difficult to figure out, especially if you’ve only just begun to send regular email campaigns. Experimentation is key here but there are few key points to remember so that you can figure out how often you should be sending your email campaigns.

Avoid Overloading your Audience

While it's tempting to get as many emails out there as possible, experience tends to point to this being a bad idea 😬 It might sound odd to ideally push out daily Social Media posts but not daily email campaigns but trust me, there's a good reason for it! Unfortunately, once you push your email frequency beyond your audience's preferences, you risk a lower open rate or worse, a higher spam complaint 😨 As we've discussed in a previous blog, spam complaints can seriously damage your email reputation, something we want to avoid at all costs.

On the flip side...

Just as Overloading your audience is something to be avoided, so too is under sending to your audience. If you wait too long in between email campaigns, some people might not recognise your business' name in their inbox and forget that they signed up to your email list. They could then report it as spam and unsubscribe, again, hurting your email reputation.

All brands are different, but some may depend more on engagement and have a reputation for providing their customers' value through their content. If they feel they're not getting this value through your content regularly then that relationship can deteriorate over time. Not to mention, if you're not connecting with your customers enough, you're missing out on being able to hand out Top of Funnel lead magnets such as eBooks, Webinars and video guides. Not providing a regular connection with your contacts limits the number of sources that your Top of Funnel marketing can draw from.

Keep it relevant!

This is a particularly difficult one if you haven't segmented your contacts properly. Sending general newsletters out every week can be both time consuming and very fluffy in terms of what the Call to Action is. Shorter, targeted emails may have less information by comparison, but they have a clear audience and call to action, meaning you'll be more likely to get higher quality leads and clicks. Not to mention, it saves you time from having to come up with a newsletter's worth of content every week! Regardless of length, relevancy is key to an effective email campaign.

How does this play into email frequency? Well, depending on how much time you have each week, it might best to focus on one segment at a time to get the most effective results. If you have time for all your market segments, great! If not, don't worry, but also don't dumb it down for everyone as you'll struggle to get any tangible results.

What did we learn?

The frequency in which you should send your emails comes down to experimentation and keeping an eye on your email analytics but there's definitely some points to remember while you're working this out. Overloading your audience is big no, we want to avoid spam complaints and unsubscribes as much as possible, so this must be avoided. But so must under sending to your audience! Make sure you're sending out emails regularly with lead magnets and make the most of your Top of Funnel marketing sources. Make sure you keep it relevant too! Your customers signed up for value through your email newsletter so make sure you're giving it to them. Worst comes to worst, if you've only got time for one email a week, segment it! Target segments of your audience and deliver them personalised content for maximum effectiveness.

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