• Tom Berry

Seven Ways To Increase Your Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Updated: Feb 11

Contrary to what most people think, word-of-mouth marketing is still very useful in boosting sales. Although there are other digital marketing strategies, you also need to focus on word-of-mouth marketing.

Your customers can become your best advertisers, and you must leverage that to increase your sales. In this article, you’ll discover Seven ways to increase your word-of-mouth marketing.

1. Be Interesting

Look at this strategy as a form of social currency, – let people know what makes you look fun and exciting. When people see how different and exciting you are, they are more likely to talk to other people about you. Being interesting will also make consumers your customer feel confident in the information they are sharing. They will feel like they are contributing to something worth sharing.

2. Setup A Trigger

Can you associate yourself with other products or activities that your customers use or engage in? According to LiveChat, you can create products that have environmental triggers or link your products and ideas to the dominant cues in that environment. The more people remember you, the more likely they are to keep talking about you. It’s also an excellent way to start a successful referral program.

3. Make Yourself Valuable