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What is sales optimisation? And why is it essential in marketing?

Updated: Feb 15

The world of digital is constantly evolving, and as a consequence, the practise of improving your sales process is critical at all times. It contains a balance of engagement and communication across your company's various teams.

While many marketing executives acknowledge the importance of digital and have integrated it into their marketing activities, 49 per cent do not have a clear digital strategy. In contrast, 17 per cent have it specified as a separate document.

In today's competitive e-commerce world, it is no longer advisable for firms to lack a defined digital strategy or separate it from the marketing plan. Marketing is now done digitally.

So, for those that already have a digital strategy - defined, integrated, or otherwise - let's look at means to improve it to promote digital transformation, customer engagement, and revenue.

What is Sales Optimisation?

Sales optimisation technology assists firms in improving their sales effectiveness and increasing their close rates. Customer, inventory, and sales data are collected and analysed by sales optimisation technologies. This data, often known as customer or sales intelligence, provides salespeople with insights on prospect and customer purchasing behaviour that would otherwise be difficult to access.

Sales optimisation technology may help you identify, monitor, manage, and better understand your leads, depending on your chosen solution and the capabilities offered.

Why is Sales Optimisation Essential in Marketing?

If you're paying hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars on marketing each month, you better be able to make the most of it.

Obviously, you want to maintain investing money in initiatives that bring in clients and generate revenue. You want to quit conducting campaigns that cost you more money than they make you. You want to see a favourable return on your investment (ROI).

And that's not the end of marketing optimisation. When you find something that is working and bringing in clients, you may improve it even more by tweaking your campaign to see if you can raise your conversion rates.

Where is Optimisation used?

Sales optimisation solutions achieve a lot while being straightforward. These solutions empower your sales staff and enhance their performance by recording customer and sales activity, evaluating that data, and converting it into a daily 'cheat sheet' of lead insights for sales.

Consider receiving a text message informing you that a lead you haven't heard from in weeks is back in the market and actively exploring inventory on your website. Follow-up becomes as simple as clicking to call, allowing salespeople to use their time better and manage sales prospects.

Sales optimisation is not the same thing as a CRM.

Sales optimisation should, in fact, be integrated with your CRM, website, and other sales and marketing tools. Your sales optimisation solution should be compatible with all of your current tools and procedures. And contribute to their improvement. If it doesn't, or if it feels like simply another tool to log into every day. A sales optimisation system should be able to track all calls, forms, and chats and correlate this information to your leads by working in tandem with your call tracking, advertising, and marketing solutions. And when correctly connected, sales intelligence empowers sales teams. It puts them in charge of lead discussions since they finally understand where each lead originated and what they are looking for. It can also help prioritise and automate some of those key sales tasks that will help you ultimately realise your customer and sales goals.

Finally, why should you Optimise your Sales?

With sales optimisation, managers and executives receive total access into their sales process, allowing for more efficiency and effectiveness. Sales intelligence tools enable you to:

  • manage your sales teams better,

  • align and hold your marketing and sales teams accountable, and

  • understand attribution by channel by sharing insights via reports, notifications, and dashboards.

As we mentioned, optimising your sales process is not the same thing as your CRM system. However, integrating your sales process with a CRM system brings about the best results. If you don't currently have a CRM system or your current system is not performing well enough for you, why not get in touch with us?

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