• Tom Berry

Our Top 4 Favourite CRM & Marketing Automation Platforms

Updated: Mar 10

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One of the most popular questions that we get asked is "What CRM & Marketing Automation Platform do you recommend?", and the answer we would normally give is "It depends...."

Many businesses struggle to realise value from their existing CRM and Marketing Automation platforms - some of the reasons given; poor implementation, they do not understand the potential, haven't invested in professional support, insufficient in-house expertise or time to drive things forward and lack of best practice strategies, tactics and processes around marketing and sales.

Of course most of us know it's vital to not start with the system approach and flashing lights you see during a demonstration and be fooled by the sales capability of the organisation showcasing what they have to offer. That's why we try not to get into a 'my big brother is bigger than your big brother' discussion. That said, we do speak from a position of thought leadership and experience and are able to cut through the 1000s of so-called platforms that exist and have narrowed it down based on feedback from our customers and results we / they have achieved through the right tool selections, a good implementation, and leveraging best practices on top - this is where the magic happens and you can create value for your business and sales & marketing teams with your chosen CRM and Marketing Automation Platform.

After many years of working in the CRM, Marketing Automation and Digital Marketing space, we decided to be less solution agnostic and that kind of contradicts what we have said above about not starting with a system approach. Although, we have narrowed down the 'runners and riders' to our