• Jack Geddes

Why you should Verify your email contacts

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Did you know that within a year, 30% of your email contacts can go bad? Whether this is from people moving workplace, companies going out of business or the domain going out of date, this can have awful effects on your email marketing strategy. For example; if only 10% of your emails are bad, up to 44% of your email sends can go undelivered! Source - Act-on. This can contribute to having a low email delivery and reputation score which will mean even less of your contacts will receive your email campaigns over time.

In a worst case scenario, your email platform may even prevent you from sending emails at all, embarrassing and extremely detrimental to your overall marketing strategy and business reputation!

Why do email addresses go bad?

Email addresses can go bad for a number of reasons, the first being that it was simply deactivated by a company or individual. If a company has gone out of business or changed name, the email address' domain might not have been renewed meaning that it becomes invalidated. If an employee were to leave a company for whatever reason, their email would also become invalidated as the company will deactivate their email after they leave. In some cases, an email might not have been correct in the first place. While the format could be correct, there could've been a typo at any other point in the email address. This would create an email address that doesn't exist and is therefore invalid but would pass through most forms undetected.

This is why we Verify email our emails lists!

Getting rid of bad email addresses is really helpful in allowing you to see how many active contacts you actually have. It also prevents hard bounces and a declining email send score that, as we mentioned previously, can make a huge issue for your business over time. Verifying your email lists is actually a relatively simple process and can save you from having to deal with the aforementioned issues. We recommend you take a good look at your email lists once a year to weed out the bad email addresses. In a years like 2020 and 2021, with craziness taking over and people potentially losing jobs because of it, this is vital to keeping a good email score and reputation, thus supporting your email marketing efforts.

What platforms can I use to Verify my email lists?

There are a few platforms specifically for email verification that will hep you do this. Our platform of choice is Email Hippo. We find that it suits both people who are validating emails regularly and once in a blue moon. Of course there are many more platforms that you can use but this is the one that we've been using recently and have been very impressed with the result we've gotten out of it.

In conclusion...

While we all like to think that our email lists are a bit fire and forget at times, this is unfortunately not the case. However, email verification is not a particularly difficult task to carry out. It may be time consuming if you don't have a set process for it yet but, when you think about the consequences of not validating your emails, this time spent is absolutely priceless to your business.

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