Small Business Growth Enablement

Sales Efficiency Assessment only £99 (ex vat)

Sales Are The Lifeblood Of Every Business. Without Them, Cash Won't Flow. It Is Vital That You Ensure Your Sales Are Profitable Though. Many Businesses Get This Wrong.


Sales are the lifeblood of every business. Without them, cash won't necessarily be flowing into your bank account to be able to pay yourself and your commitments as they fall due.

Achieving greater and greater volumes of profitable sales should be a primary objective of every business, but this increased performance just doesn't just happen in isolation. A methodical and deliberate approach needs to be taken to help ensure this success.


We are delighted that you have decided to proceed with our Sales Efficiency Indicator for your business (Usually £199.00 + VAT).


To answer the initial online survey questions will take no more than 15 minutes of your time to complete.


The Sales Efficiency Indicator will help you gauge how efficiently you are managing five key areas that are important in maximizing the sales opportunities in your business.The indicator assesses the following five areas:


  • Sales Strategy

  • Customer Needs

  • Measurement

  • Sales Process

  • Opportunity Management


On completion, you will receive a FULL detailed report (circa 16 pages) together with key action points and suggestions for improvement. 


We will send you an on-line survey on receipt of the above payment and a completed report within 1 business day, thus giving time for a qualified Business Consultant to validate and make final recommendations.


If you subsequently purchase a 90 minute consultancy session for us to discuss your report and plan your next profitable growth steps together, we will offer the Sales Efficiency Indicator report free of charge. For local clients we can provide this consultancy service face to face and for remote clients it is more economical to conduct a video Skype meeting together. 


We offer four different business growth critical indicator reports and recommend these as part of our six months profitable growth consultation engagement framework. The cost of all four reports would be deducted should you feel benefit in engaging autus consulting for this longer term profitable growth relationship.




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