We are independent CRM consultants with over 25 years experience and industry learning. We offer impartial advice on CRM / CX strategy, software selection, failed CRM investments, implementation and benefit realisation.

Process Efficiency & Effectiveness

Process-driven CRM enables you to continually introduce

and automate new processes. Such an approach helps you find bottlenecks and inefficiencies and gives you the agility to adjust your processes fast and easy. Constantly testing different

approaches to to deliver great customer experience. For example, you can replicate the processes of your most successful employees and apply them universally across your company. 


Next generation CRM systems include not only Sales, Marketing & Customer Service, but will help manage your business processes and workflows using a business process management platform.

Our service looks at how to streamline customer-facing business processes, while improving efficiency in order to keep up with the pace of digital transformation.

Training & Support

At autus consulting we fully understand that implementing a CRM system can sometimes be quite daunting; that’s why we will be with you every step of the way to make sure your project is a complete success. Post-implementation can lead to a re-iteration of more change and focus on incubation of the change within the business.

We provide customised training and ad-hoc support services around all things CRM and Customer Experience related. It could be you require some simple advice or have a key issue that needs solving. 

We are happy to be flexible to suit your business and IT requirements pre/during/post implementation.

Software & Technology 

You can succeed using an external service provider or an independent software vendor, but you can also fail. Neither type of provider offers a panacea. The key is using each for what it does

best, as well as the need to adopt disciplined vendor management & project management in cases where multiple parties are working together. A careful analysis of your needs will enable us to quickly understand which path to explore. Selecting CRM/CX/MA systems service providers requires a rigorous review of your requirements and many other factors. Our client discovery framework, will help us focus on what you really need and lead to the solution that makes the most sense for your initiative. We will help you understand what CRM is; why you really need it, establish your business readiness in terms of process, organisation, customers, data & technology. With these findings we will define your requirements, propose system options and a business case.

CRM Turnarounds

Some companies live with the performance shortfalls of CRM systems or leave them largely unused. A few have scrapped them altogether. Our experience shows faltering CRM efforts can be turned around.The key to uncovering the root cause of the problem is to reassess the business goals of the system and the

organisational and technical support it receives. Every CRM breakdown we have seen stems from some combination of poorly defined objectives and organisational and technical weaknesses. By examining each of these areas, you can diagnose the problem effectively and develop an appropriate remedy.

Our "Making CRM Work" methodology and service will help identify the system's business, organisational, processes, practices & technological breakpoints and help build up the pieces that could work and to drop the rest.

Project & Programme Management

We specialise in CRM transformation and support businesses

with how to successfully implement CRM or understand the tactical steps of making their projects a reality. We will ensure that you have the prerequisites in place in order to leverage your investment further. We will also align your work stream goals and initiatives to real business benefits, calibrate & prioritise for success, and complemented by the right mix of resources and stakeholders. Our approach will help confirm:

  • Your organisation is ready for CRM

  • Align CRM and business objectives; prioritise initiatives based on those objectives; establish baselines, benchmarks and calibrate your goals and metrics

  • Align stakeholders early and often, create a project score card and CRM business case and if necessary work with any third party suppliers to realise a successful CRM implementation

Benefit Realisation

We believe that many companies with CRM systems - even those that have yet to show results - are well positioned for future success. The key is to step back and do what best practitioners do long before installing CRM: articulate goals, narrow the focus to meet them, and provide the necessary organisational and technological support. Only then can a company expect to see a return on its CRM investment. CRM success metrics is one of the hardest to do correctly. Done well, metrics not only track historical performance, they also influence behaviour and provide a basis for comparing disparate activities to determine future investments. At same time you have to be smart to avoid metrics overload and creating the "perfect storm". Our framework will look into "what am I doing?" and "how am I doing?". The latter identifies whether and where change is required and the former what must change to drive better performance in the future.

CRM Healthcheck

While organisations have invested heavily in implementing and running CRM systems, the returns have sometimes proved elusive. In order to help businesses get more out of their CRM investment, autus consulting offers an Independent Health Check service. Performed on site with key users and stakeholders, the review covers the following core areas:

  • An assessment of expected versus perceived benefits

  • A review of business processes, improvements and how they can be better supported  

  • An assessment of user adoption

  • A data quality and technical system integrity audit

  • A review of governance and supporting business and IT practices

CRM / CX Strategy

In the early stages, CRM is usually an IT initiative, and as such, is considered to be about technology. Almost every company that has benefited from a customer relationship management initiative has done so after developing a coherent CRM strategy which asks the key question “How do we get closer to the customers to deliver value to them and create value for us?”

A CRM strategy should align with your business and marketing strategies and clarify the vision around your customers; capability analysis; target customer segments by value; objectives for acquisition, development, retention and efficiency and success metrics around satisfaction, loyalty, cost to serve and employee satisfaction. autus consulting will help you in defining your destination, summarise the current situation and show how the business will get from where it is to where it wants to be, gaining what benefits and at what cost.

Good CRM strategy, software, business processes & best practices can influence how much customers spend and how loyal they remain
Depending on complexity of scope we have an adaptable framework to go as broad, deep, fast and competitive as your business can accommodate.

Our services have to result in a positive impact to your business results. We will always begin our interaction with a customer lifecycle management discovery activity, combining tools, discussion and methods to determine your challenges, requirements and goals around customer acquisition, engagement, development, retention, loyalty. Ultimately maximising customer lifetime value for your business and providing the best possible experience for your customers.

As a result of this  we will recommend fit for purpose new systems or improvements to your existing CRM, Sales & Marketing Automation and Customer related systems, processes and practices.


Building on our discovery activities and recommendations, our focus now is to help you implement the necessary changes within your business, using CRM, Sales & Marketing Automation and Customer Experience (CX) best practices. We work in a structured but agile way to enable project management and change management to co-exist and ensure successful transformation, value realisation and profitable growth is at the heart of what we achieve together.

We will continue to work with management, 

sales, marketing & customer service personnel affected by the change to roll-out best practices, processes, tools, data & technology changes.


This stage is all about incubating and sustaining the changes in systems, processes and ways of working ensuring that we are on target to reach your expected  success metrics and goals. We 'make the changes stick' and ensure operationalisation, monitoring of key performance indicators,

identification of further improvements, reflection, learning and leveraging any necessary further changes.

The process of maximising sales, marketing and customer service efficiency and effectiveness involves a constant cycle of improvement; this is amplified by your organisation's growth and adaption to change within the competitive environment.

We work with companies on a long term basis and pride ourselves on creating successful teams, working with transparency & trust and ultimately 
 delivering results.


The goal is to gain more customers who are prepared to recommend the company to others. 

"There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else." 

- Sam Walton, Founder of Walmart *

"You've got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology - not the other way around."

- Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple Inc. *

* Sadly both of these fantastic businessmen and entrepreneurs are no longer with us but their legacy remains

It's not accidental that the world’s most successful companies (e.g. Apple) use a systematic customer assessment tool. And they don’t use just any tool – they use Net Promoter Score®. Get a thorough introduction to this system in the book LOVE BRAND and read the stories of some of the companies who use this model successfully every day to gain customer ambassadors.