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Luke Withers,

Managing Director - AUTIUM

I was introduced to Tom at autus consulting by a colleague who we were seeking some initial advice from for our start up. Tom has been involved with the development of our business and software solution from almost day 1 and has played a crucial role in providing his industry knowledge and expertise in helping us to move in the right direction. The breadth of his knowledge across the motor industry and specifically the commercial part of that market has been invaluable to us; I have always been a firm believer that in order to succeed in business you need to surround yourself with people who are either better than you or who have the strengths you lack; Tom certainly does this and more. We will continue to use Tom and develop our working relationship long in to the future.

Tom's understanding of customer motivators and expertise in Customer Relationship modeling has been a valuable asset to our team. Tom has demonstrated significant professional maturity in handling difficult internal and customer issues and as a result has advanced our position with most customer relationships. He's a pleasure to work with!

Christopher Kenmore, 


We engaged  Tom at autus consulting to help develop our strategy in targeting the Finished Vehicle Logistics market, partly due to his deep understanding not only of our target market, but also of IT and the IT industry. Tom was professional, enthusiastic, committed and helpful, and we were delighted to engage with him. I would heartily recommend others to do the same.

Jay Parker, Vice President Process Management  & IT - Volvo Buses


Balajee Shunmugam, CRM Process & Solutions Mgr - Volvo East Asia

Tom's management style makes people think and come up with the solution than giving them the solution in hand. Tom's domain knowledge in the area of CRM is highly commendable and has helped me with CRM implementation in various APAC markets. I wish Tom all the very best and would be very glad to work with him again.

Steve Williams, Managing Director -  CRL

Tom and I have collaborated on multiple IT Projects over many years. Tom's expertise and extensive experience within the IT/ ITServices Industry makes it easy to articulate requirements and assist in the appropriate manner. He is consumate professional who works to exacting standards.

Rajeev Sharma, Business Consultant - Volvo Group Americas

Tom is a great guide and mentor who beleives in sharing the knowledge with the team to ensure we achieve success. It has been a great pleasure working with Tom as there is always something new to learn. With his wealth of knowledge, ability to lead and motivate team, customer centric approach and excellent inetrpersonal skills, I am sure that we as a team will achieve new heights. 


Various Commercial Vehicle Global Brands